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Change the Narrative


Change the Narrative: How to Foster an Antiracist Culture in Your School
by Henry J. Turner & Kathy Lopes

At the height of the pandemic and social unrest, Kathy Lopes and Henry J. Turner, a director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and a high school principal, collaborated to develop a guide to assist educators and school leaders in fostering a school culture that embraces all.


By weaving their professional experiences and their personal stories, they connect the reader to the importance of consistent routines, ongoing learning, and structural changes that will help bring the change you are seeking. Through the lens and actions of antiracism, Change the Narrative provides a pathway for school administrators, leaders, and change agents who want to put into action the values of antiracism in their school community every day.

Meet the Author

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Book Reviews


"Change the Narrative is not for passive leaders. It is an ongoing call to action for those who are ready to dismantle and disrupt."

Roberto & Lorena Germán, Co-Founders, The Multicultural Classroom


"Practical, sequential yet iterative, easy-to-follow steps that guide readers to the intersection of grace and accountability for the sake of all students, staff, and families."

Devin Morris, Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Teachers' Lounge


"There is no doubt that this text, brilliantly researched and woven with their personal stories, will help readers reimagine their schools and evolve their practice."

Katie Novak, author of UDL Now and Equity by Design

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